Monday, October 09, 2006

the humdrum of the monday

maybe everyone around is feeling the same thing as i am. is it time to get out in the park and play? the indian summer heat of memphis has passed and we could all use some fresh air. i feel thirsty. i feel so hygroscopic in my water consumption. i can't get enough. i mean, wtf? it's fall and i want to stop driving my gaddamned car all over town. my head has not been truly clear for about two weeks now. something or another keeping me from a truly productive day. bob lind helps. it seems. maybe i should write a hymn to the fall weather. do i have to include God, proper? my music listening includes Iran and early mercury rev. thanks to that lovely man in my life. tried at my hand at making some noise music last week. it just sounded like noise.

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Anonymous said...

Honey, you sound down. I am so sorry. Why dont you come to see me and I will rub your temples. Come and put your feet up even just for 15minutes. I know you are busy. Call me