Thursday, October 19, 2006

a funny exchange

my mom: oh, shane, did you get a haircut?

shane (my friend who is working out at my parent's house): uh, maybe.

my mom: who did it for you?

shane: i did. while i was in the woods.

my mom: (giggle giggle) that's so manly. would you give me a little trim?

shane: sure, if you wanna look like an asshole.


something's happening said...

i can only imagine

Anonymous said...

Candace Honey,
I don't think that is very funny about your Mom. I don't understand. It sounds strange. Why is that young man working out at your Mom's house? Does Shane not have his own gym membership? Why don't you come see me? Maybe that nice young man can come to my house and pick up my trash. Maybe he could take my trash to your Mom's house and put it in her garbage can. Can he bring it to your garbage can? So Shane can cut hair? Can he come to my house and cut my hair? I need a cut and style. Call me when you aren't so busy. Love, Grandma

Grandma said...

I did NOT say the "manly" part. And I said I needed a trim and asked if he could do it. I was joking. And he said'" sure if you want to look like an asshole too!" He was being self deprecating. Shane has a very dry sense of humor, also.
Just for the record,

and since when does Grandma post comments - that's just weird. So you never go see her? hmmm.

skimballc said...

Wow, I feel like a puppet with Candace's grubby little paw shoved up my skinny ass. But, at least everybody aleady knows I look like an asshole anyway. Oh, and tell What's Happening up there I am on to her, all you shittalking ladies.