Thursday, October 26, 2006

F*$#K Hellhouse

like i want to be reminded that i COULD get pregnant and CHOOSE to have an abortion one day in my life. someone screaming "my baby! my baby!" does not sound like a haunted house, nor does it scare me into a pro-lifer. it makes me sad that the actor has to add to the global problem of NOISE pollution. i don't ever want to be in an operating room, nor go through a simulation of an abortion. sorry, fuck that. and a school shooting! give me a fucking break. i mean, let's exploit the ugliest parts of humanity. please. not enough of it already. and be reminded that some meth head lunatic can take out your children at any point of the school day. "It's not real, candace. can't you just see it as art?". my retort would be YES!! does the devil wear prada? yes. of course i can. and i would probably pay my admission fee for it. so i could write how ridiculous it truly was to endure. and then the angels come to save the day. well, i wish that were true. i am so adamantly against making a mockery of a tragic death (terry schiavo jokes, this garbage). it is offensive. and incredibly sad. to have JESUS, the Light at the end of this Hell (to go through- i am sure) House is a joke. It's like going to Jesus Christ Superstar and then feeling like you did your Christian duty for the decade. kind of. i don't know. i just wanted to rant. probably jibberish.
at first i thought this might be interesting. but the more i thought about it, the more i recanted my initial hunch. i exist, and i have enough Hell House that comes my way.


Grandma said...

Oh Honey,
You sound so enraged....please come over and let me rub your temples.

You poor dear, you are so stressted. Is it stressful living in midtown? Why don't you move to Cordova and live with me again here at Bellevue Woods.
We loved having you at the retirement community. You were so cute, with your prom dresses and limos.
Oh please call me, I know you are busy.
i don't have anyone to talk to.



Candace the Chick said...

grandma, i am fine. and Hellhouse is not real. it's a haunted house invented by some nose-picking pastor who had nothing else to do. he needed more parishoners to keep his cadillac and heavy wife fed. that's all. i'll come see you soon.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have some personal issues. Come talk to Grandma...