Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello, non existent readership....

I must write. One of my too-late-to-count new year's resolutions is to blog here everyday. That frequency could prove outlandish due to my lack of motivation for much these days. Alas, there is no excuse as I still do not have a job in New York. Oh bother! The good news is that I have the third and final interview with a clothing line I adore this coming Monday. Yes, I did make it to the last round. I am not overjoyed yet. Low expectations grant a low percentage of let downs. God, I am such a debbie downer.
Memphis, I miss your clean(er) air, your sky full of stars outside my little farmhouse, the nooks worth hours of exploring and driving about. I do not miss the drama of midtown and a few of you folks who have no class. It's true. I actually believe I truly 'hate' someone. For those who know me, really know me, you know my heart is true and loyal. Crazy in the head, yes, and well aware. Also, prone to panic attacks, full of obsessive compulsive disorders, tired, neurotic.... okay. Finished there. It truly took a lot for a true dislike to rear it's nasty self and mature into a Hate. Overall, life is good and moving upward. I am not too starving and I am loved. I could be in a worse city while depressed. Like Memphis. Or, Houston. Gross.

Love always and forever till you fucking cross me, Candace

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OrionM said...

I saw your pix at Time out new york.

You are a hottie.

I hope things are working out for you in the Big apple.