Friday, August 15, 2008

Two Lane Blacktop

does drop his tough guy persona a few times. Dennis Wilson is his sidekick on the ride and The Mechanic. A chill and laid back dude with his eyes on the road race at all times. Did I say that James Taylor was bbbeeaauuttiiffuull in this flick? I would have totally jumped in the car with them. The driving scenes were sensual enough for me. He shifts gears like nobody's business. There is nothing sexier than a man driving the shit out of a car. I am so serious. Maybe it's my inclination to fall head over heels for complicated, confident men. Real men. Thankfully we don't see him fall for the only chick around. The Girl, Laurie Bird, is 18 in this film, a youngin' who fucked the Mechanic then made a poor attempt to woo the Badass. He kissed her on his time, not hers. Hot. A section of the film happened in Memphis at an old racetrack my dad enjoyed as a young man. He told me where it was, so, I immediately jumped in the car. I found what was left, a bit of blacktop battered by neglect, riddled with abandoned keg party crap. Kids starting fires and drinking beer. I had to walk pretty far into nowhere with no end in sight. Yikes. It was an eerie scene, battered old sofas scattered in the woods. I thought someone was sleeping on one under a blanket at one point. Fortuitously, only trash and no scary dude. I have a bunch of pictures. You can also go to if you are a total geek like myself. Pics will be on blog. Later days....

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