Thursday, July 03, 2008

OA reply!

dear Miss Mills

Thank you for the very thoughtful message.

The good thing to come out of our mess is that it galvanized us and, we think, has made us stronger. Luckily, we have been given a second chance and we intend this time to be more alert--and effective.

I look forward to listening to Andrew's record which I read about somewhere.

One of the OA issues you missed--on the subject of "Home"--turned out to be one of our best (I say this as somebody who at first would've voted against this theme and as somebody who didn't like the other issue you missed, on "Sports," all that much). You should track the Home Issue down. The upcoming Best of the South III issue may top it though. INcludes a DVD that features a number of Memphis-based films including the debut of a Big Star "video," edited (expertly by our DVD editor) from footage shot by the band during the making of their first album.

Thanks again for the understanding and good words.

Good luck to you too.

Marc Smirnoff

p.s. I never saw the Tweedy connection...but those OA girls sure did.

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