Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Night movie. Play by play.

Super High Me

Obviously, I'm home on a friday night with my cats and an on-demanded film. After looking through their list of paltry choices, eighties hits and recent favorites/ ridiculous, I chose Super High Me. And, obviously, it's in the recent ridiculous category. Doug Benson made this film, looks like it played at SXSW this year. I was there for the music week, attempting to survive 3 nights of rock shows and Andy's comedy performance. Doug is a comedian out in LA, once involved with UCB and presently involved with Best Week Ever, Paul F. Thompkins has a cameo as well as other funny dudes. Doug was High TImes Magazine's 'Stoner of the Year' in 2006. Yep. He is abstaining from marijuana for 30 days. One of my favorite moments is his stand up joke wondering why a mildew cleaning product hasn't been called Mildon't. Funny. I own a cleaning biz, hello... Snippets of other stand up pot ha-ha's, Doug doing stupid stuff to rag timey music, Los Angeles is Los Gangales.. you follow me, brah? Oh, and he makes fun of the Vagina Monologues and the women who have protested the stand up performance he co-wrote, the Marijuana-logues. Why am I watching this? Not sure. I like to watch movies in my small amount of free time. Oh, I am looking at the largest bong I have ever seen. Dougie's chilling with the 'Prince of Pot'. the Prince is totally high. Zach Galifiankis just showed. He is my comedic crush. Adorable. More play by nonsense later.

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Melvis said...

Super High Me is hilarious! I rented it on demand a few weeks ago and could not stop laughing.