Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the Queen

Last night I decided to enjoy the 2006's release of The Queen. I relished in the thematic displays of conduct and contemptousness for all things modern and modernizing. These themes played through the rise of Tony Blair and the death of Diana. I am no Anglophile but I do have an interest in royal families and tea time. The movie began with Tony Blair elected as prime minister under the Labour party. The queen had to then give permission to him in order to lead England. Oh, all this progressivness makes the mum's crown spin in and sceptors swing. The next blow to the monarchy is Diana's fatal car accident in Paris. The Mum's bombarded with weighted decisions ( should this be a private or public funeral). Her choices reflect a fading glimmer of royalty in the people's eye. No longer do the British see the leader of the Church of England a force to NOT be reckoned with. Protest ensues and the people win with the voice of Tony Blair. It's too bad ol' Tony turned into the Blair Scare and had to be ousted by his own this year. That's what you get for aligning yourself with Bush and invading Iraq. Or at least I wish that happened. In any case, the movie moves to a child recognizing the Queen and giving her a bouquet of flowers. Too bad it was not a Bouquet of Hyacinth from Keeping up Apprearances. HA!! Tony and the Queen become friends and they live happily ever after. The Queen will always reign. The royal family seems like fodder for the tabloids rather revolutionaries. She's no Elizabeth I, but, these are not Elizabethean times.

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