Monday, March 05, 2007

My sunday television date

andy and i try to watch television sunday nights. our favorite shows usually fall here; sopranos, the wire- we miss this show especially. saturday night we saw a commercial for the new reality show commencing sunday evening about andrew dice clay and his grand attempt at stardom again. we were pumped. so around 7pm we began watching our way through the waiting period. it was a good time. there is a new show called the Winner (what is that guy's name?...Seth MacFarlane!) which was great. whole hearted LOL sit com. next was the Family Guy. I cringe for a moment. andy's like, "what's your problem?". last night the show had dancing aborted fetuses. wow. andy and i were aghast, not because we were offended but amazed at what the creators just got away with on prime time. the prom girl's aborted fetus she tossed haphhazardly into the garbage bin on her way back to the dance. then, tada, Andrew Dice Clay. good stuff. your heart strings will be played on much more than you think. i was almost in tears when the Dice traveled all the way from his home to Miami for a gig his manager forgot to book. it was really sad. i also cry at insurance commercials so i may not be the best, most stable, judge when it comes to a tearjerker of a moment. i would cry at a rock if someone told me they dropped it. anyways, you could feel his humanity, see it in his moist tear ducts. where is the respect he so rightfullly earned? yeah yeah, i know he has an album called "Face Down, Ass Up". he is a pioneer. i recommend watching this show on a regular basis.

and factory girl is an awful film. bbbboooorrrrriiinnngg. what a waste of a few millions.

out- candace

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