Wednesday, December 20, 2006

not given lightly

i forgot how startingly beautiful chris knox's love song Not Given Lightly is. i grabbed the flying nun records compilation as i dashed out the door to the office. i played it several times today and yesterday. he wrote it for his wife in 2002, i believe. i would have to ask the boyfriend to confirm the date. he was in the tall dwarfs before. then solo. still solo. it is a sensual, post- coital light kiss on the lips. such a sweat-drenched-screaming-with-passion ballad. seriously. i pulled up the lyrics today and worked on putting them to memory if ever i go to a karaoke bar with new zealand not-too-popular music as an option. i want to be looking into someone's eyes rather than the monitor, with it's cheesy couple-skipping-in-woods images under the words. this song was not a huge hit at all. it's one of the sweetest, etheral songs. not to say it's heavenly and pure. quite the contrary. he sings of sometimes not being able to look into her eyes. i've felt that. i can connect. and right when i plug in he says that 'words destroy all meaning' when he tells her how much he is in love. then i feel like i cheeseball, like when you read a horoscope in the back of a free weekly rag and think, "gee, that sounds like me". he knows that love songs are love songs are love songs. and i love it. and you must download it if you have never heard it.

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Kenny said...

Not Given Lightly...what a great song. I haven't thought of it since summer, when I happened to have listed to Meat on repeat for weeks. (My favorite is The Woman Inside of Me.) Nice memories attached to the whole album, though. Thanks for reminding me of it!