Tuesday, November 14, 2006

do not do these things ever again....

1. do not take correctol at 3pm. it will start working at 8pm, then 2am, then 6am. stop with the colon complex!
2. do not drink wine with dinner, sambuca with dessert, jello shots at a party...and think you will actually follow through with brunch plans the next day. maybe you'll learn in the decade.
3. do not tell your parents you will pay them back when you won't. they've heard that for, oh, 27 years already.
4. do not skip the gym for a week. you will kick yourself in the ars. and wallow in your sorrows.
5. do not stop trying to make the boyfriend eat vegetables. he will give in one of these days.
6. remeber #1. and do not drink anything called 'ballerina tea', ' japanese diet tea', detox diet japanese ballerina tea'. it's all lies.

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